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A smartphone is an essential in outdoor activity such as mountain climbing, hiking or cycling, for its functions of communication, music listening and others.
You can now keep your smartphone in your bag or pocket and do not have to worry about dropping it anymore, with this Walkie-talkie that is devoted to the original function of wireless communication and provides phone-calls, speaker, LED and emergency button.

Transceiver communication via Zello application

  • Simple and easy Bluetooth connection
  • Big PTT key
  • Transceiving without distance limit using Zello application with 100 million users
  • 1 : n communication(maximum of 2,500 users)


with MK3

Free communication with Zello users(using mobile data network

Why use MK3?

In outdoor activities, where hands are not free, where gloves are worn, or hands are contaminated, running applications and sending radio message by touching the screen is a very inconvenient. So we need to have a device that enables convenient operation. MK3 equipped with PTT and multiple additional features are optimized for outdoor activities. !

Up to 15 Hours of Continuous Playtime Wireless Speaker

  • Maximum playtime of 15 hours at normal volume
  • Maximum playtime of 10 hours at highest volume
  • Controllable with Play/Pause, FWD, REV buttons
  • Hands-free speaker phone
  • Rejecting calls, Re-dialing
  • Available connection of earphones

Emergency Button for urgent situations(android only)

  • Built-in emergency button for urgent situations
  • Sends ‘emergency message’ to a pre-nominated number
  • Send MK3 user’s GPS – based location

LED flash light

  • LED light can use as a hand torch
  • Can be readily used as a flashlight with a brightness of 150 lumens
  • Maximum 10 hours for LED flashlight function

IP56 Level dust/water-proof for more exciting outdoor activities

  • Dust/Water proof features optimized for outdoor activities
  • High durability against rain, snow or dust
  • Acquired international certificate level IP56

 Stylus Pen for convenience of outdoor activities


  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Easy to use even with thick gloves
  • High prevention of abrasion: Carbon black which is made of conductive rubber material combining with special rubber

that can replace smartphones in various situations

Outdoor Communication tool

Modern people cannot live without smartphone, which ultimately becomes an essential good in their life. However, there are always risks in using a smartphone such as dropping it on ground or into water, especially when used during outdoor activities or in various industrial fields. MK3 can substitute the needs of smartphone during outdoor activities and allow you get away from such trivial worries

Distinctive iOS-supported

PTT allows unlimited communication distance and number of users

Communication via MK3 uses smartphone network and bluetooth connections. It has been built based on the global PTT app ‘Zello’ with more than 100 million users around the world. With this app, people can enjoy walkie-talkie function by just clicking buttons on MK3. Since the operation of MK3 is based on smartphone communication networks, there are no distance limits for communication between users. No matter how far you are from another, there would be no unstable connections as long as smartphone network is connected.

All outdoor functions in one,

5-in-1 Outdoor gadget

PTT (Push-to-talk) which enables wireless communication, phone-call making and receiving, 2W-output bluetooth speaker for max playtime of 15 hours, LED hand flashlight with brightness of 150 Lumen, emergency button that sends SMS and GPS information in urgent situations, and water-proof at a level of IP56. You do not have to carry a lot for your outdoor activities. MK3 offers all you need.

MK3 Specification

Communication System Bluetooth 4.1
Output 2W
Water proof Level IP56
Battery Li-Polymer(1200mAh)
Charging Terminal Micro 5Pin USB
Earphone Terminal 3.5Φ Ear Jack
Size 123.4mm x 55.8mm x 29.9mm(H)
Standby Time 20 days
Usage Time 10 hours (max volume)
15 hours (normal volume)
LED 150 lumen
Weight 155g
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