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This Osmo Genius Kit is a fun and interactive way to help early learners develop numeracy, literacy and problem solving skills. It comes with 5 games to play on the iPad and physical accessories which will control the action on the screen.
  • It’s designed to support STEM learning and can be used at home or school.
  • It is all compatible for use with your iPad.
  • The Numbers game comes with physical tiles which early learners can use to make numbers and complete levels by solving mathematical problems.
  • The Tangram game comes with puzzle pieces which can be matched to on screen shapes.
  • Guess and spell out on screen words using the included letters as part of the Word game.
  • Masterpiece can be used to practice drawing as you can take a photo of anything and have it transformed into just outlines so you can have a go at recreating the image.
  • It also comes with a Newton game which allows you to use inventive objects to guide on screen balls into specific spots.
  • It is recommended for ages 5 and above, but is suitable for all ages.
  • A STEM learning curriculum includes the connected areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, is based on real-life applications and encourages learners to think critically and flexibly in order to adapt to changing situations.
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