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A vast majority of portable speakers today use small, low-cost audio drivers that boost bass and high frequencies with digital signal processor (DSP) audio techniques that create the illusion of high-quality sound. But the reason big speakers ALWAYS sound better is that sound requires bigger audio drivers in bigger boxes in order to sound more realistic.

We did things differently and made an incredible small speaker with big audio drivers, instead of small drivers. In fact, around 70% of Nomadic speaker’s surface is a moving membrane of two 4”x 6” woofers in a box-less design, providing a full and rich sound. We added two high-end soft dome 22mm (0.9″) tweeters to cover the entire frequency range, and we did it all without any acoustic compromises.

So the speaker sounds better on its own than any portable speaker out there.

Then we have the Speakase, a suitcase/acoustic box that turns it into a massive, powerful big box speaker- regardless of whether it’s empty or fully packed. The portable speaker was designed to also operate as a driver in a boxed enclosure, so once the stand legs are folded into the speaker, it switches modes to become a fully air generated sound system.

After sliding the speaker into the Speakase suitcase, the synergy of both creates a much more powerful bass and a big life-like sound. The Bluetooth speaker takes advantage of the Speakase’s (suitcase) acoustic-enhancing internal volume.

The back of the drivers are open to the cabinet, creating an acoustic loading that enhances and boosts the audio experience through its carefully engineered structure.

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