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How evaLIGHT works

add water

Add Water

Fill the removable water tank

add water

Add Power

Connect USB cable to a power outlet or power bank

add water


Get the full cooling effect after the cartridge has fully absorbed the water (after about 10 minutes)


Chills the air

Uses natural evaporative cooling effect to drop the air temperature


Humidifies the air creating a better working environment. Can be used as a humidifier in winter


Filters out dust particles to increase the air quality for better breathing


Can work everywhere via USB power supply


No toxic Freon-like liquids, consumes only 10W of electricity. Uses fully biodegradable evaporative pads

Stylish design piece

Elegant, compact and stylish, evaLIGHT is a real design piece


                                               EVAPOLAR                                                                     Conventional AC

Coolant type It uses simple water to cool the air It uses a chemical Freon-based coolant to cool the air
Filter material Evaporative pads are made of inorganic material. Thus it stops bacteria spread Filters are made of organic substance which is a nature habitat for bacteria growth
Cooling effect Evapolar release out humid flow that reminds you of mild sea breeze It throws out dry cold air. This fact in combination with strong flow can lead to colds
Humidifier mode It protects your skin and hair beauty in a dry environment AC dries out your skin and hair. This forces you to buy additional humidifier
Energy Efficiency Rate 21-37 EER 9 EER
Energy Consumption 1O W 9OO W

One of a kind device that has great functionality and is 10 times more efficient than portable ACs and more effective than traditional split systems. It consumes 10-20 times less energy in relation to general chilling effect.

Technical details

Evapolar is easy to operate: simply fill the removable water tank and connect Evapolar to a power supply. Within 5-10 minutes the Evapolar cartridge absorbs a huge amount of water. The water then spreads evenly on the surface of the cooling pads. When the air blows through the pads, the water evaporates, which makes the air cool down while saturating it with water. There’s no heat exhaust as result of the evaporation.

Coverage Area Up to 3 m2 / Up to 33 ft2
Power Consumption 1O W
Cooling Power 1OO W – 35O W
34O – 12OO BTU/hr
Volumetric Flow Rate 46.6 cfm
Noise Level 27 – 45 dB
Size 17O mm x 171 mm x 174 mm
6.69 inch x 6.7O inch x 6.87 inch
Net Weight 13OO g
Water Tank Capacity 75O ml
Water Refill Cycle >every 3 – 5 hours
Evaporative cartridge life expectancy 3 – 6 months
Color Opaque White / Coal Black
Royal Blue
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 21-37
Power plugs US, UK, EU, AU
Power Supply Micro-USB (5V;2A)
Supplied accessories Cartridge, power cord, power adapter
75 F 85 F 95 F 105 F
30% 59.7 F 66.2 F 72.6 F 79.3 F
40% 62.4 F 69.6 F 76.6 F 83.8 F
50% 65.1 F 72.5 F 80.1 F 87.6 F
60% 67.5 F 75.4 F 83.3 F 91.2 F
70% 69.6 F 77.9 F 85.9 F 94.2 F

% – Indoors Humidity / F – Room Temperature

Temperature of outgoing air, F

Temperature of outgoing air, °C
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